Monday, October 10, 2011

wilson, the distinguished writer

i have been very busy polishing my writing skills, friends. my parables of lindsay lohan are being honored to the highest regards. just yesterday i submitted my first article to the dirty and to my delight my literary work was featured today! after winning a sidekick in x17's caption content, and even though x17 severely butchered my entry, i am beginning to feel like a very distinguished writer. move over bret easton ellis & dr. seuss, wilson has arrived on the scene.

what you you think of my above theory on Lindsay Lohan?

that's me in blue below! - wilson of montrose!

sigh...... it should have read according to genius of my original entry:
lindsay: hey ali, remember mean girls?
ali: no.

but who can complain with this sweet sidekick sitting on my desk, too bad i don't have thumbs.
text, you later, bitches!