Saturday, August 7, 2010

home sweet home

so i have finally made it big! my success as an internet blogger has paid off! yesterday my peeps surprised me with precariously large gift! i was left to guess for a good 15 minutes as to what was hidden beneath the seasonal pony wrapping paper....turns out it was a fly new crib! for me?! from years in a closet to hamper in just a few short weeks? if i can do it anyone can! tonight, i am going to have to go on chatroulette to invite some guests to my house warming party. first i will need to go to store to pick up some more ritz crackers and fanta though


me hamming it up for the camera before entering my new digs!

am i stylin in my new pad or what?

thanks for stopping by
don't let the door hit you on the way out
..i have some organizing to do!


  1. thanks jillian! you're welcome to stay in my new digs any time!

  2. not even half a baby can cramp your style...

  3. Gee Wilson! We love the bright sheen of the fresh baby's bottom! Make sure to keep that thing shiny to guide your guests to the party!!

  4. Oh my god, that baby-thing is seriously disgusting!


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