Monday, August 23, 2010

daddy dearest

it's a big day, readers. i found my birth father! supposedly he can sing pretty songs, is an eternal student of magik the gathering & my father. daddy loves icp, transformers, mooching rides, safety pins for closures & sketcher shoes- just like me. i hear he even tried to kill his family with a spatula and is now referred to as marc mirda on the mean streets of new england. badass. that must be where i get my human dismembering tendencies from. i even heard he spent years cultivating his senses by sniffing shoes & dirty feet at the mall. we are obvious doppelgangers externally, but it appears as we are also similar on so many deeper levels. father & son. i will be flying out to west warhick rhode island to meet him very soon. i want to surprise him with pancakes in bed.

i hope he tells me she is my mother.
do you think we share a resemblance?


  1. Oh Wilson! Your father???
    At last the search is over!


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