Monday, August 9, 2010

what to giveaway

hi everyone! super exciting day here on the home front. i spent all day dragging my most prized possessions out of the hamper. why you ask? great question. i have decided to have my first ever giveaway! yes, it's true! decisions, decisions, what to give away? my cactus, the wilson necklace I got at a rave last week, my bff mr. toad with a broken wing, cow vertebrae (which i use as a hipster i know), the jaw bone from a goat, my watch, one of my favorite books, my journal or the huge bullet I use as a chair (so hipster again, i know! if i had legs i'd probably wear skinny jeans. i know. i know. i am seeing a therapist about my self-esteem issues and hopefully one day i can talk them out instead wearing them out)

which do you want?

1 comment:

  1. Oooh! Such treasures!
    Hipster or not, TREASURES I say!
    I suggest your BFF Mr. Toad or possibly your favorite book! But it's certainly a difficult decision!
    This giveaway is so exciting!


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