Wednesday, September 1, 2010

adjø, mr. toad ~ a farewell to a friend

today was a very hard day, as i had to bid adieu to my mentor, captain & bff, mr. toad. i tried to be strong as i know mr. toad will have a better life in norway, with eva marie. mr. toad will take on a high paying job as her personal bartender. she's a sexy redhead, mr. toad has a thing for the firey haired ladies. you can read eva marie's spectacular planned life with mr. toad here. i wish mr. toad the best, his fellow taxidermy friends & i threw him a goodbye party and even busted out the glitter-glue-gun for the occasion. i put on my snazziest hair clip and my strong-face for bff mr. toad. i made sure to pack him money for milk and a vacation home, his favorite doll head- beyonce, some feathers for bedding, lots of glitter (boy mr. toad giggles like a school girl when you sprinkle him with red glitter) and of course his favorite beer straw since he is too short to reach an 16 oz.
adjø, mr. toad
please do write home mr. toad and share your new adventures with your old friends

don't tell mr. toad, but i have crying since my lonely walk home from the post office. :(
strong face, wilson, strong face.


  1. thanks for your condolences mr. gonzales. it's been hard...having empty nest syndrome

  2. oh my gosh, those are like the creepest things ever.... the cat agrees with me I'm sure. ha ha woah

  3. Awww... such sad eyes..
    These photos are great! And it's all for MEEE!! I have lots of glitter for mr. Toad to giggle over. In fact, I have so much glitter that if mr. Toad wasn't already dead, he could have giggled himself to death over it.
    Ps. I like being called "a sexy redhead"!

  4. mother once told me.... red in the head hot in the bed. i told that to mr. toad back in grad school and he has been very intrigued.


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